Yuka Morino

The designer of Three Little Spruce, Yuka Morino, grew up in Kyoto, Japan. She spent her childhood in her family friend's pottery studio, under the guidance of Mr. Uichi Shimizu, who was designated as a Living National Treasure.

Her grandmother also played a big role in shaping her appreciation for ceramic by collecting pieces from various artists. When one of her grandmother's prized collections broke, it was then that Yuka discovered the art of Kintsugi and started mending broken pottery while she studied at Kyoto University of the Arts.

Yuka now lives on Quadra island BC and offers repair service for ceramic and pottery. As for jewelry, she applies ancient Japanese craftsmanship to her designs, using a combination of 金彩 Kindami (A gold application technique) and 金継ぎ Kintsugi (Mending broken ceramic). Yuka believes strongly in the philosophy behind her work: "Embrace your imperfection, celebrate your history".

Location : June 1st and 2nd at the Community Centre
Studio Tour # : CC