Ron Hilliard / Sylvia Yung

Kamaole II Studio

As partners in life and art, Ron and Sylvia both graduated with honours from Vancouver School of Art/Emily Carr to build careers in art therapy/mental health and business, respectively. Their studio/home, Kamaole II , act as an incubator for their own art practice and to encourage artistic manifestation in others. "Inspired by the history of the Earth, I paint to evoke the energy of the colour, pattern rhythm, balance and harmony in both the man-made and natural world." -Ron Hilliard "Making art is to manipulate a substance that comes from nature into a new form that would not have happened without our intent. There is nothing more life-affirming than creating something that didn’t exist before." -Sylvia Yung
Phone: 778-288-8693
Location : 602 Colter Rd
Studio Tour # : 7