Perrin Sparks

Lakehaven Atelier

Following a transition from Texas to the banks of Village Bay Lake, Perri and her husband converted a squash court into her studio, Lake Haven Atelier and Art Retreat. Her current focus is producing figurative and landscape oil and pastel paintings and intaglio etchings. Her artwork and instructional DVD’s have garnered many awards and magazine articles and she was recently honored with Signature status to the Federation of Canadian Artists and selected by Prismacolor to produce an image for marketing and packaging portrait pastels.

After a career as a surgical artist, portraying anatomy for limited color production with ‘red for the arteries and blue for the veins, I now enjoy creating full-sized figurative paintings and working with a live model.

I love using pastels as they force me to think in terms of bolder gestures due to the constraints of the medium. I prefer oils for plein-air landscape painting. But the icing on the cake has been returning to my very first fine art love, etching. Working thru the challenges of switching the studio over to non-toxic methods and materials, the prints are finally rolling off the press.

Phone: 250-285-2474
Location : 466 Bold Point Rd
Studio Tour # : 3