Marni McMahan

My quilts are bold and abstract. They are greatly influenced by places I’ve worked and travelled. I’m inspired by the textiles seen in the markets and villages of South and Central America, the dramatic graphic art of the indigenous people of the west coast and the plants and creatures of the temperate rainforest here on Quadra island.
I began quilting as a way to play with colour. I was awestruck by traditional Amish quilts. They broke the colour rules I was taught as a child and I wanted to try their startling combinations.

er time I also became entranced by the textures that the quilting lines create. I came to think most abstract painting could be improved with some quilting!
I don’t like to tell people what to see in my quilts, but I hope you feel a sense of joy and wonder.

Phone: 250.203.2990
Location : 1301 Vaughn Road
Studio Tour # : 8