Kevin Mackenzie

Living on Quadra Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island allows me to create as I do. Always inspired by the nature around me. From a young age, Kevin learned to weld and became a self taught multi media artist. In the years since, he has honed his skills to combine both the practical and beautiful, creating his own style of West Coast art. From a simple sketch emerges Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Ravens, Octopus, Salmon, gates, railings, wall art and so much more. His vision for his work is driven by his love of the West Coast. Nature and the community around me inspire many of the creations that manifest from my studio. Using various metals, wood, rocks and glass, Kevin uses his considerable talents to create metal marine life as well as; architectural tables inspired by the forest; and sculptures celebrating life here on the Coast. Whether working alone or in collaboration with another artist, Kevin shows his appreciation for this landscape and its nature through his artists eye.
Imagine Coastal Creations
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