Kathryn Manry

Kathryn Manry grew up near the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. She studied painting and art history at the University of Calgary and Queens University and subsequently attended Banff School of Fine Arts. Her art practice has included both painting and work in clay. A keen hiker and paddler, kathryn finds inspiration along the trail and from her kayak. Images of water are the focus of her oil paintings, where she plays with elements such as transparency, reflections, wave patterns and ripples. The influence of the environment is also evident in Kathryn’s wheel-thrown, functional porcelain. The sense of movement found in her paintings is present in her forms and layered glaze effects, as well as the decorative elements that embellish her pottery.
Phone: 250-285-2103
Location : 1503 Hyacinthe Bay Rd
Studio Tour # : 18