Kai & Trinity Gogolin

Kai and Trinity live together on Quadra Island, where they enjoy a lifestyle living close to Nature. Kai is a Gardener and Trinity is a Bodywork Practitioner. They have come together to create a beautiful line of abalone jewelry. This creation is an expression of their love for one another and for the surrounding world.
Kai and Trinity enjoy working with the vibrant and iridescent Abalone Shell from New Zealand called Paua.

The Paua Shell itself, is a unique work of art, made by nature. When working with Paua, they like to try to keep things simple, as to let the natural beauty of the shell shine through. Trinity likes working with the feminine water qualities of the Abalone, while Kai shapes and forms the precious metals. Together they create beautiful jewelry.

Phone: 250-203-4529
Location : June 1st and 2nd at the Community Centre
Studio Tour # : CC