Frank Boas

Frank Boas began watercolour painting in 2001 to keep himself amused during a 2-year stint in the Arctic. (His 40-year enjoyment of photography was curtailed when he discovered his fingers would freeze on the camera buttons!) Previously Frank was a noted Bryologist (moss expert) and photographer. Many of his photos can be found in plant guidebooks, such as Plants of Coastal BC. Now retired and an avid horticulturalist, Frank raises nutriceutical plants (goji berries, sea buckthorn, haskap berries) in his Quadra Island greenhouse and garden.
Frank expresses his deep love of nature in his artwork. An exacting macro-photographer, he is fascinated by the inner world of flowers and insects. He touches us with nature's beauty - revealed in intricate patterns, landscapes and the dramatic play of light, colour and shadow. Frank's intense watercolours feature imaginative, often whimsical or spiritual, impressions of nature. His geometric patterns and optical illusions are meant to intrigue. Some works are available as cards..
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