Elke River

Elke’s intricate paintings of flora and fauna stem from her daily rambles in the forest and along the shoreline, in which she draws from the detailed curiosities offered up by Mother Nature. A vibrant palette allows her to explore the complex colours that are sometimes overlooked in a muted west coast environment. While her works are a playful study of biological forms, there is often an underlying conservation message rooted among the life-like renderings of native plant and animal species. Using imagery that celebrates natural treasures, Elke invites her viewer to rekindle their innate childhood connection with Mother Nature.

Born in Miami, Florida, Elke grew up making art alongside her mother, a painter and graphic designer.

She moved to BC at the age of ten where she became fascinated by her surrounding natural environment. She earned a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation and later a Bachelor of Education. While pursuing a career in wildlife conservation and then elementary education, Elke continued to paint, both as a creative outlet and an educational tool. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and education centres in Vancouver and across Vancouver Island. She currently lives on Quadra where she makes art, raises her two wild kids and teaches nature-based art to children in her community.

Phone: 250.713.2290
Location : June 1st and 2nd at the Community Centre