Ann McLean

The Boat Shed Studio

Ann McLean has been painting since she moved to Quadra in 1978. Interested in all subject matter, she always returns to the landscape of Quadra which is her constant inspiration. Her lyric poetry is also influenced by nature and her political satire is commentary on island life and the current state of world affairs. "To live is to see. Painting helps us to develop a deeper vision of life and all that is around us. There are miracles to be seen in every blade of grass. Today’s technology overloads us with artificial visual and audio stimulus which dulls the senses, blinding the inner eye. In recent years my painting has morphed into poetry, I attempt to combine both mediums into collage, book art and illustrated chap books. A poem can spark a painting and a painting can lead to a poem. The impermanence of modern day digital media can not compare to the joy of contemplating the intricate design of a flower or absorbing the sounds, scents and simple beauty of the natural world. Painting is an endless journey, poetry is a revelation."
Phone: 250-285-3715
Location : 779 Pidcock Rd
Studio Tour # : 11