Weekend Studio Tour

June 1st and 2nd, 2024



The 2024 Studio Tour is free to all attendees!

Year-Round Open Studios

We are transitioning from a printed brochure to focus on our on-line presence.  

There are 15 Open Studios that you can visit now at no charge. The print brochure for the 2023-24 season will indicate if you can drop by or call ahead. Pick up a brochure/map on the ferries or at many locations on Quadra Island.
Meanwhile - enjoy browsing through the Artists you can visit on the June Weekend Studio Tour.
More information about the 2024-2025 Year-Round Open Studios will be on this site as of June 3, 2024.

Chris Rose is remembered as an enigmatic sculptor and painter who is best known for his alabaster and bronze sculptures of snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers, windsurfers, curlers, ballet dances and various birds and beasts.  Many of his sculptures were awarded as trophies at international sporting competitions and are treasured by championship athletes such as Ross Rebagliatti and JJ Anderson.

Born in Germany in 1930, Chris immigrated to Canada in 1952.  He came by his Arts and Science degree at UBC by way of studying architecture at Ryerson Polytech (now Toronto Metropolitan University).  During his various career pursuits in government and labour relations, Chris began carving in soapstone, turning his hobby into a full time vocation upon his retirement.  Chris’ sculptures were widely exhibited across Canada and are in private collections in Asia, New Zealand and Europe.

In 2003, Chris initiated the first of what has become the annual Quadra Island Studio Tour. We commemorate his recent passing by dedicating the 2024 Quadra Island Studio Tour to Chris Rose.

   Chris Rose (1930-2023)