Will LaVigne

I have been taking digital photographs for six and half years, actively birding for over twentyfiveyears. Birding has helped me get better images of wildlife and landscape while hiking, paddling and exploring. My favorite photos are of wildlife, from Hummingbirds to Whales. When it comes to landscapes and people it is really all about the light.
Right Time, Right Place and having your camera with you at all times makes for great photography opportunities. I don’t get every shot I want but do get to play with the images that I have. I do simple editing like adjusting exposure, straightening and cropping. I do use Photoshop for the Kaleidoscopephotoimages. I am finding it exciting to put my photos on different types of canvas, -tshirts, cards, acrylic, photo papers, aluminum, mylar and glass and I enjoy sharing the results with others. The Quadra Island Photography Club has helped me in a creative, functional way by thinking of different approaches or ideas to photography.
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