Tracy Myerson

My love of design began at Architecture School at McGill. I am also trained as a furniture/interior/exhibit designer, cabinet maker, and master bicycle mechanic. I am currently addicted to fusing glass and woodworking with hand tools. I love fine Craftsmanship, precision, and am a card carrying member of Perfectionists Anonymous.
Art is my act of quiet resistance. I think there is enormous power in making things, by hand, that will last forever. I use as much recycled material as possible and throw out almost nothing, in an attempt to counter our world of built-in-obsolescence and insane consumerism. I truly believe that art makes peoples' lives richer- it crosses all borders, it has no color, no religion, no gender. My hope is that my art can unite people, and make a difference in the world.
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Tracy Myerson Design
800 Summer Run Rd.
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