Terry Jordan

I am an artist, writer and musician who makes imaginary maps/charts from watercolour and ink on aged paper; paper collage, and tree-ring printmaking. My collage work is character/caricature based, often abstract. It can be found internationally on book covers, album cover art, and in various collections including the Tate Modern in London. Alternately, I use a multi-stage process to ink-print and paint local wood species onto handmade paper. Lmnop@sasktel.net
I tend to lean a bit toward the abstract in most of my works-on-paper. Caricaturing the human as well as the landscape behind them in my collages; exaggerating both is a recipe for humour in the pieces. I like to think of a sense of place to begin. Somewhere I’ve been, even imagined. Some place that has affected me, is still inside me, that I let out to play while I try to create a character to set down (gently, or wildly) in that place, and embroider with paper the story the character wants to become. Printing tree rings is an act of storytelling, too. Or, more precisely, using ink to tell the tree’s story in order for it to be read on paper. In essence, you’re copying a book of natural history, a map of sorts. The beauty and shape of the rings, the inevitable accidents that break up the symmetry of the curves. The children’s game of counting. The lean years, the droughts, pestilence, fire. The fat ones, wet summer growth. Not unlike reading the geological record on a cut-away cliff or Aldo Leopold’s seminal book A Sand County Almanac where the author saws down an oak, the record of 80 years of local life.
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