Lee Gass

Lee Gass has been carving for over 60 years. After 30 years as a hummingbird researcher and award-winning UBC professor, he moved to Quadra Island, built a studio, and sculpts full-time, producing stone originals and limited-edition bronzes of them.
Lee Gass’s sculptures are highly finished, smoothly-flowing organic forms, often human or animal figures or abstractions of them, crafted in a variety of beautifully coloured hard stones: granite, marble, travertine, calcite, basalt. His bronzes capture the form of the originals in metal, each with its own patina and all of them beautifully flowing. During the studio tour, Lee’s studio will be set up as an indoor and outdoor gallery.
17 (Year Round)
Lot 1 Cherrier Rd. (Bold Point)
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