John Schevers

John Schevers was born in Best, Holland and grew up painting and creating art as a child. He studied graphic arts then travelled the world settling on Quadra Island where he has resided for many years. His interests in experimenting with various artistic media is evident in his collections both in the studio and on his half acre property in Quathiaski Cove. Currently his passion lies in encaustics and mixed media art.
I try to capture the infinite in my work; the interlocking and overlaying of all things endlessly through birth, death, decay and rebirth. I want to explore the limitlessness of the notion that everything is related to everything, around us and within us. I do not practice Buddhism, but I’ve been profoundly influenced by it through many years in Asia. My paintings continue to teach me the Buddhist way. Each one takes me closer to understanding life, where I am in life, and where I’m going – in short, the human journey. Each one develops through a process that is at once elemental, ancestral, and emergent.
9 (Year Round)
737 West Rd.
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