Eva Marie Dearham

After completing my degree, I explored creative teaching opportunities in Alberta, over-seas, and BC. I relocated to BC in 2008 after two years of rewarding teaching in China. I taught in BC until Jan 2016 when I moved to Quadra, where I have begun to focus on my own art-making once again. I have four grown children. Two of my children are now married with families of their own, and two are continuing their own educational journeys. I have six small grandchildren, aged 1-10 yrs., all beautiful boys. I enjoy painting, biking, music, reading, camping, scrabble, guitar, kayaking, a good movie, hiking with friends and my dogs, and a good cup of coffee.
My Art is expressionist and often tells a story. I enjoy the world we are blessed with, and the messages art can convey. I believe we are all designed to be creators, and that it is important for us to hear, and ponder, our own stories as we explore this journey of living. My work is an expression of my own wonder, pondering, and faith. My own awareness of a living, loving, and very present Creator influences my work as I explore creativity on this life journey.
Forest Glen Studio
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