Carmen McCluskey & Leslie MacGregor

Carmen - My work tends to be functional although I have also woven tapestries. I use cotton, linen, wool and silk to create blankets, tea towels, rugs and scarves. Lately, I have been exploring linen as a fibre and rag weaving as a way to create fabric from discarded material. Leslie -  My art projects began a few years ago with my interest in colour, nature and my playful imagination. I spend a lot of time in a quiet space and this is when I see these visions, I do try different modalities. 
After you meander thru the stone Folly  be sure to look up at the Mermaid  on the side of my house welcoming  you to a garden of mosaics, decorative objects , stepping stones, large stain glass window hangings and glass on glass on antique frames. You will enjoy the mosaic  vintage wall in the outdoor kitchen and the colourful paper  floor inspired by a local artist . As you leave on the red brick path be sure to poke your head in the charming  brick Stump Shed  to admire the stain glass in there. All brick work was made by a local artist stone mason, Frank Doherty.
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